A Letter to My Clients

A Letter to My Clients

To My Clients:

When you choose an attorney you are making one of the most important decisions for your future. You have a lot at stake, both financially and emotionally. During this time of uncertainty you should know a little about who you are hiring, and the values and expertise I can offer you.

I have been a practicing attorney for over fifteen years, and have focused my work on family law for the past decade, including divorce, parenting issues, asset division and support, and adoption. I have worked with mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children, disabled, small businesses, and non-profit corporations. I have also represented clients in court, negotiated agreements, drafted contracts, mediated settlements and provided guidance. I describe myself as legal counsel, because “counsel” and “legal guidance” is what I provide.

When working with divorcing families, I strongly favor mediation and collaborative approaches. I think mediation and collaborative approaches are among the best, most appropriate tools for the job; these approaches embrace creativity, flexibility, curiosity, and fairness. Using these approaches I help my clients find their voice, identify and express their true needs, encourage a fair settlement, and pursue durable agreements my clients want and need.

If litigation becomes necessary my approach is to encourage fairness and creativity. I understand that family legal issues can leave people feeling worried and anxious, and I believe that the best way to take care of clients is to be well prepared with the facts, clear about goals, and realistic about expectations.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my clients during these important times in their lives. In exchange for your trust I offer my experience, judgment, perseverance, and sense of humor as we work to resolve your issues. I welcome the opportunity to assist you in your family legal needs and look forward to working with you.

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